Never had a account? Follow the steps below to Get $10 startup Cash and an Extra $25 once you play and make it to the final table of Two (2) Red Club Tournaments**. New players are also Stake eligible… do well and you may just get staked into satellites and major events.


  1. Sign up as a New* Player USING THIS LINK
  2. As a New player you will receive a $10 starter bankroll! Once you play and make it to the final table of Two (2) Red Club tournaments**. You must be a member of (It's free and otherwise we have no way to contact you)
  3. Email with your Name/Member Number and partypoker Account Name

*All players must be validated as new, and confirmed to have used the link above to register prior to confirmation and before any prizing/bonus/bankroll is assigned.
**New Members must reach the Final Table in the two tournaments within 10 days of receiving their start up Cash to qualify for the $25 added bonus.


If you impress and get Staked, the standard 50%-50% share rate for all player winnings applies to the staked tournament and/or any resulting live or online tournament entries won.

Red Club Terms & Conditions

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